Kosei Minda Mould Private Limited

Kosei Minda Mould Private Limited (“KMM”) was incorporated on 23rd March 2015. KMM is joint venture between Uno Minda Ltd and Kosei, Japan. KMM is engaged in the business of manufacturing, designing and development of tools, dies and mould of any shapes, diameters, specifications, capacities, applications for alloy wheels. The manufacturing facility of KMM is located in Bawal Haryana. KMM mainly caters to captive requirement from Kosei Minda Aluminum Company Private Limited and Minda Kosei Aluminum Wheel Private Ltd.

Our Joint venture partner Kosei, Japan has more than 60 years of solid experience in aluminum casting since 1950. Kosei designs and manufacture aluminum wheels, parts and components using advanced engineering technology and innovative manufacturing processes. Kosei has subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Japan, China, USA, Europe, Thailand, India and Philippines.

Uno Minda Ltd currently holds 49.9% shareholding in KMM. The Board of Directors of Uno Minda Ltd approved the scheme of amalgamation for merger of Kosei Minda Aluminum Company Private Limited, Kosei Minda Mould Private Ltd and Minda Kosei Aluminum Wheel Private Ltd with Uno Minda Ltd on 20th March 2023. The various necessary approvals from authorities and NCLT for the scheme are in process. Pending approval for the merger scheme, Uno Minda Ltd has also executed business strategy agreement to exercise control over day-today operations and management work of KMM.