After Market Division

About Us

UNO MINDA Group is one of the leading automotive aftermarket company in India. Aftermarket division was earlier operated under separate company Minda Distribution Services Ltd which now been merged with Minda Industries Ltd. The company’s vision is to Create best in class global distribution organization for the aftermarket of UNO MINDA products while adding value to all stakeholders. At present aftermarket division, distributes 12 major product categories with wide distribution network of over 800 Business Partners, 12000+ Retailers & 6000+ Mechanics.

The major product categories distributed by aftermarket division in Indian & Global aftermarket are Switch, Horn, Automotive Lighting, Automotive Bulbs, Blinker, Automotive Sensor, Relay & Flasher, Rear View Mirror, Lever & Yoke, CDI/Ignitor/Regulator Rectifier, Automotive Batteries, Alloy wheels, Seatings and Accessories.

UNO MINDA product range comprises of more than 2200 parts & components for 2 & 3Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Commercial vehicles as well as off-road applications. Material is distributed to business partners through 25, C & Fs in major states of country.