We believe that People are the only assets.

UNO MINDA has dedicated its own training academy, called Pathshala to create empowered people and leaders, who Create excellence in everything they do. Pathshala runs regular education programmes, not just training for all new and existing employees.

Topics range from behavioral to technical, most popular being the 'Minda Way' session, where we motivate everyone to see a concept between their life operations and the vision of the company. Most people walk out with a higher commitment and dedication to company’s goal.

We can proudly say that trainees, after our sessions want to work and not have to work. We also have a fully operational practical skill center where people 'Do and learn' which is a learning forever.

We believe that the best way to learn is to begin teaching. We are creating exciting opportunities for individuals to impart their learning, knowledge and wisdom across the organization, carrying forward the ancient traditions of Gurukul.

The Pathshala team carried out extensive research and have published landmark books.

One was the 'MINDA WAY' which helps us to create a 'Value bound community' with a missionary approach to transform earth into clean, green habitat for mankind and another is a book which spreads awareness on 'Environment, Health & Safety'

Pathshala team is also planning to develop a culture DOJO, which will help in executing 'Learning while working'.

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