With a vision of self-reliance and technology leadership, UNO MINDA launched its first flagship center for advance technologies called CREAT (Center for Research, Engineering and Advance Technologies).

The Center works on embedded electronics products related to connected vehicles, telematics, ADAS, infotainment, EV technologies, controllers and sensors, advance lighting and technologies related to next generation automotive needs.

CREAT works in collaboration with other entities of the MINDA group as well as external technology providers.

Specializing in software, hardware, mechanical and creative design, the team of engineers and designers at CREAT work in the following four product spaces:

  • Cockpit Electronics and Advance Technologies
  • Body Exterior and Safety Technologies
  • Creative Design and Innovation
  • Product Assurance Lab

The independent creative design studio of CREAT (INITIA) provides innovative design solutions for concepts, prototypes and production projects with industrial design for automotive exteriors, interiors and accessories for global automotive customers. INITIA services also include UI, UX, and visual design for display-based products like instrument clusters and infotainment systems.

Working in collaboration with multiple engineering teams spread across the MINDA group, Team CREAT developed two technology demonstration vehicles showcasing product and technology innovation capabilities to customers and stakeholders. The TD118 Auto and TD118 Moto were built around the theme “Smart + Connected” demonstrating technologies and products related to advance lighting, alloy wheels, connected vehicles, telematics, integrated in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), ADAS and switches.

The CREAT center also leads innovation processes for the group along with initiatives like MINDA Tech University for enhancing and developing the capabilities of the UNO MINDA family to promote self-reliance and technology leadership.