29th Annual Report 2020-21

Natural Capital

Reimagining Tomorrow through Right Approach

We believe that a low carbon approach is not peripheral to business, it is integral to it. This mindset represents a foundation that facilitates business scalability. This priority is now virtually universal, making it possible to attract at a lower cost; it enhances stakeholder confidence translating into stronger employee retention. By making operations safer, more predictable and more efficient, there is a positive influence on profitability. MIL has embraced the philosophy of a low-carbon business and intends to emerge as a responsible thought leader.

Sustainability represents a significant component of MIL’s corporate values. Our sustainability roadmap addresses significant action fields such as climate protection, occupational safety, and sustainable supply chain.

We have identified various energy conservation projects at the Group level for all the utilities including:

  • Use variable frequency drives wherever required
  • Energy-efficient pumping system
  • IE3 & IE4 motors for continuous operations
  • LED lighting and automation
  • Energy monitoring system
  • FRP fans in cooling towers
  • Demand management
  • Work on optimising the cable distribution losses
  • Use PNG instead of other liquid fuels
Reduced Environment Impact 79,37,500

Kilo watt energy saved

Key priorities for FY 2021-22

To reduce energy consumption

To reduce water consumption

To reduce CO2 emission

We use renewable energy at our facilities, and we have plans to scale it up to 40% share till FY25.