29th Annual Report 2020-21

Intelletual Capital

Reimaging Possibilities through Innovation

At MIL, innovation and efficiency are the driving force of research and development (R&D) across all our divisions. R&D is our starting point for new value creation which helps us take steps to strengthen our planning further. It enables us to perceive society’s needs and produce competitive products accurately.

  • Two-tier engineering organisation
  • Business-focussed product engineering teams attached to the business
  • Global technical centres with focus on advanced and future technology

R&D Vision


Skill Upgradation, Technology Absorption, Technology Acquisition and Technology Creation

Innovation and Creativity

Fields of Products, Processes and Services

Integration with Electronics

Exploring Ways to Master Electronic Embedded Systems for Inclusion in our Products

Robust NPD Process

First Time Right with Global Quality Standards and On-Time Completion of Projects

Central R&D

  • Lighting & Acoustics Systems (LAS)
  • Electronic & Control Systems (ECS)
  • Seating Comfort Systems (SCS)
  • Light Metal & Powertrain Systems (LPS)
  • Engineering (COC)
  • Creative Design (INITIA)


75+ R&D

Technology Projects

About ‘CREAT’

Innovates and tests embedded electronic products related to connected vehicles, telematics, ADAS, infotainment, EV technologies, controllers and sensors, advance lighting and technologies related to next-generation automotive needs. Works in collaboration with other entities of the UNO MINDA Group and external technology providers.

About iSYS RTS

iSYS is a niche player engaged in systems engineering, development of hardware and software with product and services offering in embedded systems, Electronic Control Unit (‘ECUs’ or ‘controllers’). These automotive ECUs/controllers are used in lighting, infotainment systems, automation and building technologies, among others.

About Light Systems

LSTC is a centre fully specialised in the process of design and R&D of lighting components, including the mechanical, optical and electronic design along with development of the production lines in addition to offering technical support for the group´s factories.

About Delvis

The Delvis Group is engaged in automotive lighting design and engineering. It is one of the top players established in the automotive industry. With its state-of-the-art technology for design, electronics and lighting engineering, Delvis engages with OEMs in pre-development activities for high-end platforms. Through its active participation, it is successful in realising innovative concepts and solutions for next-generation vehicles.

Reimaging Possibilities through Innovation

It is our ambition to be a long-term automotive technology player in all the markets and all the product categories that it is present in.

To realise the self-reliance technology strategy, over the years Minda has been investing in building its global R&D footprint. With its flagship R&D centre in Pune and its in-house Design studio, Minda also has global R&D footprint in Germany and in Spain.

Our focussed technology strategy is to incubate new products, make existing product portfolio of Minda smarter and accelerate its move from component supplier to system supplier. The focussed technology markets for Minda R&D are Connectivity, Electrification, Safety & Convenience and In-vehicle experience.

We have attained consistent success in its endeavour and there are multiple products which are in various stage of incubation and multiple projects which are under development with OEMs in India and in Europe.

Our products which are in ‘Hall of Fame’ for FY20-21

Wireless Charger

With rapid penetration of smart phones, there is an increased adoption of smart phone compatible solutions in vehicle cockpit electronics. We are coming up with various products and solutions to cater to this market trend.

One of the key products that Minda has developed and launched is a Qi compliant automotive grade wireless charging solution and we have successfully acquired multiple customer projects. We have set up a dedicated assembly line for the product.

Logo Projector

WLogo Projector is a product out of our international engineering centre in Germany – Delvis Gmbh. This is a lightning product which help project brand image / specific messaging of car thereby enhancing differentiation and indivisualisation for OEM. The product is in production, and we have also won prestigious business customer awards.

Smart Charger and Sensors for 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler EV vehicles

We welcome the Government move via FAMEII to support EV adoption. 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler segments will get benefited most. We are aggressively working on products to cater to this promising EV market. One of the products that we have taken successfully to production is the smart charger. It has variants to support safe charging of EVs at home, at captive location and at public charging space.

In addition to it we have developed sensors to measure and improve various parameters of EV powertrain.

We have been working aggressively for last seven years in Connected Vehicle space. We have been proud to be associated with Industry leading connected vehicle programs. To support the growing demand of connectivity solutions in vehicle and to also support the compliance to AIS140 legislation, we have developed and launched a unique telematics control unit that caters to both connected car and connected fleet market. It has features of over the air software updates, vehicle networking communication and cybersecurity to provide significant value to our customers.

  • Brake Pedal Sensor for EV Regenerative Braking
  • EV Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Accelerator Position Sensor for EV
  • Vacuum Sensor for EV Brake System

For us, our greatest strength is our people. Across our R&D locations our talented engineers are working seamlessly to ideate, incubate and scale up technologies for India market and for all markets in which Minda is present. We are committed to ‘Make in India’ and we are committed to increase our self-reliance in technology.