29th Annual Report 2020-21

Human Capital

Reimagining Proficiency through our People

We heavily depend on the expertise and experience of our people. Their health, skills and safety are imperative for us to function efficiently and operate our facilities smoothly. As we work on our people and their development, we assist in the delivery of our larger strategy. Our people management methodology contributes to resolving inequalities at the workplace. Our ongoing investment in employee training and development is aimed at preparing our people for a digital future.

Last year was full of challenges, and we started the year with an outbreak of COVID-19. Our focus shifted primarily to three important areas: Employee Safety and Wellbeing, Effective Communication and Managing Teams, and Remote Work. We created special COVID-19 task force teams to take care of employees. We also conducted regular townhalls to boost employee morale along with effective and continued communication. We also strengthened our focus on organisation processes and systems.

To achieve our group goals, we cascaded organisation goals to KPIs and cascaded KPIs till the last level of the organisation. This helps employees to align with our organisational goals. We further strengthened our process by relooking and updating our SOPs to align them to the internal and external needs.

We also redesigned and further strengthened Human Resource (HR) function by crafting a new role of the regional hub in all geographies where we have our presence. This makes HR support accessible to all employees.

Learning and development

  • Created 50 E-learning modules in line with defined competency framework
  • More than 5 modules got developed by external experts
  • Launched a dedicated learning platform named ‘The Learning Hub’
  • Developed unit level and function level trainers to increase the penetration of training
  • Imparted function-wise trainings
  • Conducted special leadership trainings for DGEMs, basis their turnover. Impact study for the same will be done next year
  • Tied up with universities for specialised trainings

Employee Safety

  • Following 5S practices
  • Providing proper safety devices and defining proper work procedures
  • Conducting risk assessment regularly to identify hazards and analyse the risk associated with them
  • Conducting safety audits of the plants to identify unsafe acts and conditions and to improve the facility further
  • Initiating EHS training on a regular basis to improve the skill and awareness of employees
  • Sharing EHS knowledge through Weekly EHS Communication to all
  • Organising monthly EHS Committee Meeting at all levels to review the EHS practices on regular basis
  • Capturing/reporting unsafe acts/conditions with the involvement of all employees
  • Launching EHS web application to report/track/monitor/closure of unsafe acts/conditions, among others
  • Conducting regular EHS promotional activities among all employees
  • Reviewing regularly to improve the closure of EHS observations
  • Sharing OPL as a lesson learnt from accident/incident, if any
  • Deploying EHS best practices in plants, horizontally
  • Taking proper action to avoid the recurrence of any unsafe condition/incidents/accidents, among others