29th Annual Report 2020-21

Financial Capital

Reimagining Growth through our Resources

Our financial capital comprises cash generated by our operations and debt and equity financing. These funds provide working capital to run our business and finance both expansion and replacement capital expenditure. The funds are also used to pay interest on borrowed money and distribute dividends to shareholders when needed. We reinvest our financial capital in all the other capitals in a measured way to grow and sustain our business after careful consideration of the returns they are expected to generate.

6,374 Crore


325 Crore

Profit before Tax

725 Crore

Earnings Before Interest, Tax,
Depreciation and Amortisation

1,868 Crore

Switching Systems Revenues

1,417 Crore

Lighting Systems Revenues

748 Crore

Casting Revenues

634 Crore

Acoustic Systems Revenues

650 Crore

Seatings Revenues

1,058 Crore

Other Products Revenues

EPS (₹)

*EPS: Earnings Per Share Diluted

Net Worth (₹ in Crore)

Adjusted ROCE (%)

*ROCE: Return on Capital Employed

Net Debt-Equity