Minda iConnect (P) LTD.

About Us

The change from 'normal phones' to 'smart phones' brought in many ways a revolution in our lives! A somewhat similar change is coming to the automobile industry globally and to the Indian market.

Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd. has been incorporated in September 2014 with a vision to contribute to this change and deliver enhanced value to car owners and automobile manufacturers by offering end to end 'connected car' solutions.

Our brand name 'Carot' is inspired from 'carrot' (meaning reward...we don't really like 'stick'!), and a great tool to upgrade your car into a smart car! For the geeks in us it also means 'Car on track'.

Our focus is in providing useful functionality on owner's smart phone to make car ownership more enjoyable, safer and a convenient experience!

We are a part of UNOMINDA Group - technology leaders in automobile components industry. As a group we are a leading supplier of automotive solutions to almost all Indian car manufacturers and many international ones as well.

We have manufacturing facilities in various locations in India and also in Indonesia, Vietnam and Spain. We have international offices in Japan, North America, Europe and China.