Kosei Minda Aluminum Company Ltd.

About Us

UNO MINDA established a 40:60 Joint Venture with Kosei Aluminum in December 2010. The JV Company manufactures Alloy Wheels and Precision Aluminum Die Casting Parts for major OEMs. Kosei Aluminum Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Alloy Wheels in Japan with head office in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

The JV Company Kosei Minda Aluminum Co. Ltd. is established in Chennai. It is engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of aluminum alloy wheels and precision aluminum die casting parts for major OE car manufacturers and aftermarket.

The JV Company has a strong local production base to offer market-leading, technology intensive Alloy wheels and Aluminum Die Casting Parts to India and global OEMs. The most important aspect of the JV is the availability of top-notch Japanese technology in aluminum casting, which KOSEI will infuse in this joint venture.

Kosei's core of production system is its strong technological innovation, research & development and production engineering.

KOSEI has a strong base supply from its overseas companies in Philippines and Thailand. KOSEI Japan has a combined annual production capacity of 3 million wheels.