Environmental Responsibility


UNO MINDA Group is committed to set international standards in environment conservation in order to fulfil its responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

The Group is dedicated to a clean, green, hygienic environment and towards conserving and preserving natural resources. It works towards preventing pollution by maximising recycling, minimising waste, reducing discharge and emissions and effectively using waste treatment plants. Our sustainability roadmap includes not only integration of pre-environmental factors in decision making, but also consistent improvement of eco-efficiency in all operations.

Owing to our commitment to create a greener, cleaner and a well conserved ecosystem, the group willingly invested in waste and effluent treatment plants, which helped to reduce toxic discharges and emissions, minimise waste and prevent pollution.

In view of the above, certain best practices we undertake are:

  • Obtaining ‘Grant of Authorization’ from regulatory authorities for handling, disposing and treatment of hazardous wastes, maintaining records and submit returns thereof.
  • Ensure compliance of regulations for water usage and discharge under Water Act, 1974.
  • Observe, monitor and control the emission of air at all plants.
  • Ensure non-emission and discharge of ozone depleting substances, while also obtain license in case of any such disposal.

The management has also framed an environmental policy communicated to all employees and interested parties salient features are: To improve environmental performance of processes and products continuously to minimise pollution at each stage

  • To improve environmental performance of processes and products continuously to minimize pollution at each stage.
  • To comply with the applicable environmental legislations and standards
  • To ensure effective use of resources in areas including energy, fuels, oils, paints, chemical and water among others.
  • To reduce and recycle industrial waste and packaging materials.
  • To encourage usage of eco-friendly technologies to aid elimination of hazardous emissions.
  • To promote the cause of environmental preservation amongst employees and other stakeholders by inculcating sensitivity about environmental concerns.

Agreement with Government Agencies

Our companies have an agreement with GePIL (Gujrat environment Protection Infrastructure Limited) and Bharat Petroleum for disposal of hazardous waste. The Company is also a member of HeMS (Haryana environmental Management Society), an esteemed environmental preserving society. In addition, we also have tied with Green Vortex for correct disposal of electronic wastes.

We are also having an agreement with recognised vendors of state pollution control boards.

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