Employee Relations


Our growth at a rapid pace means that we need a large number of people, well qualified and trained to keep pace with our business needs. We source young talent from campuses and develop them to meet the needs of the organization. We recruit from amongst the best of Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, ICAI, ICSI and from reputed Business Schools. Each fresh recruit is put through a systematic, rigorous on-the-job training.


Anyone who joins the organization has to undergo an exhaustive Induction Programme at UNO MINDA's dedicated Centralized Training Center called "Pathshala". The programme focuses on Organization Values, Culture, Systems and Practices. Employees are certified on completion of successful induction.

Talent Management

Talent management at UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group is a systematic effort to source and develop internal talent, to meet current and future business needs. We believe in Workforce Planning and forecast our human capital requirement in advance, so that we have a talented and trained pool of human resources available to all strategic business projects.

Alignment of Reward & Performance

Performance Management system is aligned with performance of the Company. Individuals are suitably rewarded for their contribution in achieving organizational goals and for their own performance

Each team member is assessed on Performance vis-à-vis a pre-set target (what we call MP-CPs), involvement in improvement activities. Career Planning, Promotions, Job Rotation are integral part of the PMS. Alignment of PMS with all HRM initiatives is visible and correlated.


We believe in developing and nurturing our employees. Training need identification for employees is done through Performance Appraisals & Skill Mapping. We have developed very strong programmes with a clear goal of making UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group a leader in the auto components industry.

Skill Development

Skill Development is a constant and focused endeavor in UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group. As a part of Skill Development, Functional Skills have been defined and each employee is regularly assessed on these skills. These skills are upgraded by providing training and guidance.

Leadership Development Program

There is a conscious effort to develop Leadership and this involves identification of Key personnel, Feedback during Performance Appraisal, Assessment of Competencies, Gap analysis and Career development Plans. We do Competency Mapping and Career development of the team based on their performance and potential to grow.

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