Joint Ventures

We have developed strategic alliances with technically competent companies. We are leveraging the synergies that result from partnering with them. We are a technically oriented, innovative organization and are receptive to discussions with any company that may have complementary technical skills, goals and business interests.

We have joint ventures and technical agreements with world renowned manufacturers such as

  • Tokai Rika Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Kyoraku Co., Ltd. , Japan
  • Nagase Co., Ltd, Japan
  • Emer Spa, Italy
  • Kosei Aluminum Co., Ltd. , Japan
  • Roki Co., Ltd. , Japan
  • TokaiRika Create Corporation, Japan
  • Faber Industries, Italy
  • JBM Group, India
  • Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd., Japan
  • Toyota Tshusho Corporation, Japan
  • Fujitsu Ten Co. Ltd., Japan
  • Nabtesco Automotive Corporation Ltd, Japan
  • AMS Company Ltd, Korea