NK Minda Group is committed to set international standards in environment conservation in order to fulfil its responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

The Group is dedicated to a clean, green, hygienic environment and towards conserving and preserving natural resources. It works towards preventing pollution by maximising recycling, minimising waste, reducing discharge and emissions and effectively using waste treatment plants. NK Minda Group has invested in Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants, which make sure that the environment remains free of any pollutants.

A Group Company, Minda Autogas Limited works towards providing cleaner gaseous fuel products and solutions through developing alternate fuel products that are environment friendly.

NK Minda Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Indian Oil Corporation Limited for development of Hydrogen and CNG/LPG mix fueling systems for IC engines. This is yet another big step in moving away from air pollution and working with some of the best R&D scientists in the country to identify and create sustainable options for greener fuels.

The Environment policy at NK Minda Group ensures that all wastage material is eco friendly, effluent treatment plants are optimally used, recycling and energy efficiency is adopted across facilities and R&D activity is undertaken to ensure that Green fuel offerings are available to maximum number of clients.