New Corporate Identity

The Logo Deciphered
The term UNO connotes leadership and stands for being the best (No 1 as in Numero Uno)

The sans serif font of 'UNO' is timeless while being contemporary. Its slim contours & smooth curves coupled with the sharp edges convey balance and precision giving a sense of sophistication in an understated manner. The UNO in reverse against blue is nicely balanced and commands attention without shouting.

The 3 arrow mnemonic has been modified & contemporized and is now an integral part of the logo. In their current form, the arrows signify: A forward looking approach, change & evolution and the global thrust of the group (the arrows are actually drawn around a sphere, to signify straddling the globe) with passion and energy (Red)

The new group logo in its entirety reflects a combination of Stability with Growth, of Tradition with Forward Thinking, of Continuity with Passion and Energy, and of course, the global orientation of the N K Minda group.

The Baseline Decoded
The UNO MINDA baseline is reflective of the core characteristics that define the N K Minda group.


  • We are a thinking entity.
  • We accord value to applying thought in all aspects of our operations.
  • We appreciate bold & loud thinking; we place a premium on original thought.
  • We encourage it.
  • We celebrate it.
  • For, we truly believe that it is the quality of our collective thought that makes us who we are.



  • Inspiration is the key to our being. A cornerstone in our belief and value systems.
  • We inspire and in turn are inspired.
  • We aim to inspire trust, confidence, conviction and commitment in all who come in our contact.
  • In turn, we are inspired by the higher ideals of growth, of value creation, of contribution and of the possibility of being the best we can be. Always.



  • Our destination is beyond mere growth; for we believe the quality of growth is as important as the growth itself.
  • So while at heart we are a business, our soul beats for responsible and inclusive growth.
  • Growth in human capital.
  • Growth with professional values.
  • Growth in the happiness quotient all around.
  • We believe that when everyone grows, all stakeholders flourish.